The Pig Production Line


Alastair Philip Wiper visited Denmark’s Danish Crown Slaughterhouse:

Danish Crown is the world’s largest exporter of pork, supplying pork to customers all over the world – 90% of the pork slaughtered in Denmark is exported, with the UK being the biggest market. Completed in 2004, the slaughterhouse at Horsens kills approximately 100,000 pigs per week, making it one of the largest in the world. 1,420 people are employed there, and the slaughterhouse receives around 150 visitors per day. The slaughterhouse has been designed with openness in mind – a viewing gallery follows every step of the production, from the pigs arriving, to the slaughter itself, to the butchering and packaging.

Other photos from the series here. Shepard at Metafilter is put off by the images:

From the very first word on through to the author enjoying delicious sausages in the plant cafeteria, this is 10,000% a puff piece. It has nothing to do with journalism and everything to do with PR.

Another Metafilter commenter pushes back:

So here’s a slaughterhouse that TRIES to do the right thing by being clean and open about what they do, and it’s still no good to some people? I understand that some people feel very strongly about (not) eating meat, but it’s a fact that to most people, eating meat is just as much a staple as eating veggies. That’s not going to go away. To me, a slaughterhouse like this, that tries to be open and ethical about the process, is to be commended, not vilified — in fact, I wish we had abattoirs like that here in the US.

More of the Wiper’s work, which focuses on industrial and architectural spaces, can be viewed at his website and on his Facebook page.