Methodists For Marriage Equality

They are rebelling:

In December, the Reverend Frank Schaefer, a pastor in Lebanon, Pennsylvania, was defrocked for officiating his son’s wedding. Earlier this month, the Reverend Dr. Thomas Ogletree, a retired minister and professor emeritus at Yale Divinity School, was charged for officiating his son’s wedding, and will face an ecclesiastical trial, on March 10th, in Stamford, Connecticut. Pastors often preside at the weddings of their children. But Schaefer and Ogletree married their sons to other men. …

Ecclesiastical disobedience is on the rise: in November, more than thirty United Methodist clergy jointly blessed the wedding of two men at a church in Philadelphia to show their solidarity; in December, the Seattle district superintendent married two lesbian Methodist pastors in Washington; and thousands of United Methodist clergy around the country have declared publicly that they will officiate such weddings. There are almost as many clergy now facing charges for engaging in same-sex relationships and participating in same-sex weddings as have been brought to trial in the history of the United Methodist Church.