Republicans Endorse Obamacare Lite, Ctd

Laszewski criticizes the GOP’s Obamacare alternative:

The problem for Republicans is that they have such a visceral response to the term “Obamacare” that they just can’t bring themselves to fix it. The notion that Obamacare might be fixed and allowed to continue as part of an Obama legacy and as a Democratic accomplishment is something they can’t get past. So, the only way Republicans can propose an alternative to Obamacare is to first wipe the health insurance reform slate clean and start over. There is a problem with that strategy. Have you heard the one about, “If you like your health insurance you can keep it?”

He believes “we will ultimately see a bipartisan agreement to fix Obamacare––most likely after the 2016 elections”:

But by putting a repeal and replace plan on the table, rather than focusing on a fix from the point we are at today that creates obvious losers, Republicans may have handed the Democrats a big political gift.

Bernstein looks on the bright side:

[E]ven if the Coburn/Hatch/Burr plan doesn’t go anywhere, and even if it’s not really quite at the legislative stage, and even if real legislators are still vastly outnumbered in Republican ranks by the clown show, it’s still a lot healthier to have moved to a (still-small) group of serious legislators than it was when the only Republicans trying to draft policy were a handful of bloggers and wonks who were constantly at risk of being excommunicated for their heresies. Given the Republican decline over the past few years, if Coburn, Hatch, and Burr are merely defeated (or ignored), rather than branded as RINOs, that’s a solid step in the right direction.

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