Never Mind, Says AIPAC

They’re now against the poison pill bill to scuttle negotiations with Iran:

AIPAC has completely reversed course on the issue. For months, the group had been lobbying lawmakers hard to push the Iran sanctions bill, even launching an attack on one of its biggest allies, Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-Fla.), for not supporting it. Only in recent weeks has AIPAC begun backing off in the face of resistance from the White House and key Democratic lawmakers, including Reid.

Just savor the moment. AIPAC toadies like Bob Menendez are on a limb that just got cut off. They’ll be back, of course. Is Bill De Blasio available? It is his job, afer all, to defend AIPAC whenever they place a call. But the night flower, as usual, withered once a little light was shone upon it. Now let’s make it a klieg-light.