So Close …

[Re-posted from yesterday]

Here’s the latest data, as of this morning, for Dish revenue since our independence over a year ago:

Screen Shot 2014-02-15 at 2.22.18 PM

You’ll remember that we managed to beat January 2013’s total last month. And we’re at the very brink of equaling all of February 2103’s by the end of today. The total last February was $105,500. As of this writing, we’re at $104,800 on February 15. Can we beat last February in almost half the time? Help us get there. Subscribe here.

By the way, the total number of auto-renewing subscribers is now 26,070. There’s no other online-only journalism site with that kind of subscriber base. We really are building the future of the web – without pageview whoring, sponsored content, auto-playing videos, pop-ups, slide-shows and corporate propaganda. If you value all that white space, and a time each weekend for less frenzied cultural and intellectual coverage each weekend, then help us make this model truly lead the way for others.

Subscribe here. Under $2 a month or more if you love us. Update from a new subscriber:

Sorry it took so long. I just checked my email archives and the first email I sent you was on 9/7/06 (to your AOL account?!). I’ve been reading steadily since then, so really I should have been one of the first people to sign up. Keep up all the great work. Your blog is the only site I read on a regular basis now.

Another subscriber:

I just got a friend a year of the Dish for her birthday tomorrow. I had to search the “gift the dish” page though. That shit should be a “keeper” on the right side of the page, no?

It’s actually right there in the sidebar, in cartoon form between our Keeper Archive and our Recent Threads (unless you aren’t signed in). The gifting link is here for quick access. One more update:

Sorry it took me so long to renew, but life has gotten in the way recently with a death in the family andit’s been hard to make time for the little things. I chipped in forty bucks this go ’round, an arbitrary number that I could probably howler beagleexplain by saying that I’ve paid that much before for dead-tree magazine subscriptions, ones that don’t give me a full magazine’s worth of reading EVERY GODDAMN DAY.

Regardless of what’s going on in life, and in fact often specifically because of what is going on in life, I always, always make time for The Dish. There are few things that I consistently derive as much pleasure and interest from as this blog. Y’all have a good thing going here and you managed to cycle through your first year as a free agent without screwing it up. If anything y’all keep getting better.

On Saturdays I eagerly await my Window View contest and on Tuesdays I look forward to the reveal. On any given day my wife and I cull a topic for discussion. The running threads are wonderful and well-curated. Through the years you’ve posted some of my emails (and thankfully ignored some of the shitty ones), and I feel this is a truly unique community with the best moderated dialogue on these here Internets. And there’s an ever-creeping dose of sports now! Last week you even posted my wife’s VFYW pic. In a word, neato.

Thanks again for all you and your team do. I’m happy to stay onboard and love knowing that on any given day I get to help steer this fucker.

Now do make some t-shirts.

Stay tuned.