Quote For The Day

“He said, ‘I will pray with you,’ but that’s all he’d do. That was it. I just saw red. I cursed at a priest. I called him a hypocrite. As he was leaving — I can’t repeat what I said, but it was bad … I’m thinking I’m going to rot in hell now. But after that, I became scared — fear settled in. I don’t have the rites, I didn’t get Communion. I believed in the sacraments; this is something we’re taught we need before we die… I’ve tried to be a decent person all my life. I’m not perfect, believe me. And I wouldn’t wish [being gay] on anyone. But you can’t be somebody you’re not. Otherwise you’ll end up 63 and alone,” – Ronald Plishka, denied last rites after a heart attack by a Catholic priest in a Washington hospital.