The Best Of The Dish Today

Arizona’s legislature passed the bill today allowing anyone in the state to discriminate against anyone else if their religious convictions demand it. My favorite quote from the debate was from the Republican sponsor of the bill, when challenged to answer whether it would sanction firing gay employees:

A business owner can already decide not to hire somebody who is gay or lesbian. This doesn’t change that.

Oh that’s all right then. Nothing to worry about. I’ll be fascinated to see if Governor Brewer decides to sign the law (she vetoed a similar measure last year). I’ll also be interested in what Senator John McCain has to say about this. Does he believe it’s now fair game to cite religion as a reason to refuse to offer any public accommodation or private employment? Can Catholics now openly discriminate against Protestants? Can Protestants now discriminate against Latinos now because they are largely Catholic? Are Jews now fair game as well?

I noted today how anti-Christian such laws are – an almost text-book modern case of what Jesus decried among the Pharisees of his day. We covered the unrest in Venezuela – a topic somewhat overlooked in much of the media; and wondered what on earth we can do about Russia’s attempt to keep Ukraine under Putin’s fascist thumb. Plus: Coke rips off the New Yorker. And how the Jews created Superman (or something like that).

The most popular post of the day remained “What The Hell Just Happened In Kansas?” (1.7 million pageviews so far), followed by “The Death-Throes Of the Anti-Gay Movement.

The doggie-video above? It cheered me up. Arizona got me down.

See you in the morning.