The Terror In Uganda Deepens

The country’s anti-gay bill has been signed into law:

Under the new law, the penalty for same-sex conduct is now life imprisonment. The “attempt to commit homosexuality” incurs a penalty of seven years as does “aiding and abetting” homosexuality. A person who “keeps a house, room, set of rooms, or place of any kind for purposes of homosexuality” also faces seven years’ imprisonment. Because the law also criminalizes the “promotion” of homosexuality, there are far-reaching implications beyond the increase in punishments for same-sex sexual conduct. A person could go to prison simply for expressing a peaceful opinion. Local and international nongovernmental organizations doing advocacy work on human rights issues could now be at risk of criminal sentencing of up to seven years.Public health promotion and prevention efforts targeting “at risk” groups might have to be curtailed, and health educators and healthcare providers could also face criminal sanction under the same provision.

Zack Ford notes the role played by American Christianists:

It was five years ago today that U.S. evangelicals announced they would be traveling to Uganda to promote their anti-gay views. Among those who participated in the conference were two ex-gay therapists and Scott Lively, who has argued that gay people were responsible for the Holocaust (despite being victims thereof). A suit against Lively filed by Ugandan LGBT activists for crimes against humanity is proceeding in U.S. courts.

The full text of the bill is here.