Dissents Of The Day


A reader writes:

Oh, give it a rest. This is no constitutional crises here; far from it. The oversight the Congress and Senate are supposed to engage in has long been revealed as toothless, thanks to their own actions post-9/11. Feinstein’s histrionics after this latest incident? You reap what you sow, motherfuckers. There isn’t enough schadenfreude to go around after this incident. And Obama won’t do a thing. Don’t believe me? Watch. Oh he may spin a good yarn, but his lack of actions is the tell.

This response to Feinstein’s stand seems to me to be a telling aspect of the far left. They’re so alienated from our entire polity they cynically see no difference between the CIA and Feinstein, because Feinstein for so long has been such a stalwart defender of the CIA. Which means to say they have given up trying to reform the system and are now interested solely in undermining it by leaks and exposure. I would much prefer the system to be fixed by appropriate constitutional channels, precisely because it will be much more durable if it is. To have Feinstein now in that camp is a huge victory for those seeking accountability from the CIA. But the Snowden-style cynics huff and walk off the battle field.

Another reader:

I think your criticisms of the CIA are sort of toothless because you don’t bring President Obama into it.

We’re seeing bad problems with both NSA and CIA, as well as DoJ policies that attack journalists who report on what’s going on.  So I don’t think it’s fair to say this is a Brennan thing, despite the fact that he’s obviously responsible for his own role and for CIA’s actions.

Every now and then you write a post about how you can’t understand why the president doesn’t do something about these crazy guys who work for him, or why he doesn’t do anything about the torturers, etc.  Those posts are hard to read, because they assume that the president is a right-thinking guy who sees these issues as we do, and who inexplicably refrains from taking appropriate action anyway. I don’t know why you’d believe that the president is on the right side of these issues. I think you’re on the side of the angels, so to speak.  But your analysis is wrong.

I even think President Obama is on the side of the angels.  They’re all trying to protect the country.  But the president’s judgment is way off base on this.

Another speculates:

I have always felt that when Obama became president in 2009, that he was made aware of Bush-era offenses so horrific that revealing them was seen by his people as being more damaging than concealing them would be. Real hardcore torture stuff with a paper trail that wrapped around the whole lot of them of a level that the US would lose ALL world credibility for a generation, even if Obama rounded up people and turned them over to the ICC. Doesn’t make it right, but I wouldn’t be surprised if this is how it played out.

I sure hope that’s not the case. But I have a sinking feeling it is.