The Best Of The Dish Today

First up: a must-read from the invaluable Marcy Wheeler on how the Obama administration has tried to protect the presidency from full accountability for the torture program. Could it be because the presidential authorization of torture also authorized drone strikes which the current president has embraced? Read the whole thing. As I said today, I now consider the White House to be part of the problem here, rather than part of the solution. And if the report on torture gets stifled permanently, it will be an unforgivable betrayal.

Four other posts worth revisiting: the cooptation of yoga; the grinding persistence of Obama’s agenda; a genius cartoon about where we are now in the gay rights debate; and Colin Powell’s awesome ur-selfie.

The most popular post of the day was The Way We Live Now followed by The Boring, Relentless Advance Of Obama’s Agenda.

See you in the morning – Pacific Time, that is, as I’ll be on Bill Maher’s show tomorrow night.