Face Of The Day

by Jessie Roberts


Alyssa Coppleman captions:

Austin-based Sandy Carson has been photographing bands professionally for eight years, and being that he is based in “the Live Music Capital of the World,” he’s had his fair share of slogging through the pit, camera in hand, to capture many famous and lesser-known bands that have played at SXSW, Fun Fun Fun Fest, Austin City Limits, and the hundreds of shows happening year-round. Carson’s new series, We Were There, features photographs not of the bands but of the crowds—those most dedicated fans who shove themselves to the front to be as close as possible to the show.

In an interview last year, Carson explained his thought process while shooting:

I think, like all photographers we all have little subconscious alarm bells that go off when we see potential photographs depending on what we have trained our eyes to pick up on due to our influences. I’m definitely drawn to ironic and humerous juxtapositions, characters and really banal social landscapes that are often jaundiced, so I’m told.

See more pictures from the series here.

(Photo by Sandy Carson)