Reefer Sanity Watch

Pew found that the public is finally getting it right about the relative harms of marijuana and alcohol:


Christopher Ingraham summarizes the poll and provides the above chart:

The elderly, Republicans and Hispanics are the least likely to agree that booze is more harmful than weed, but even among these groups respondents said that alcohol was more harmful by more than a two-to-one margin. At the other end of the spectrum, blacks say alcohol is more harmful by an eight-to-one margin, while those under thirty agree by nearly seven-to-one.

Now compare this with the formal stance of the DEA: that marijuana is as dangerous as the hardest drugs and completely useless as medicine, while alcohol is perfectly fine. The federal government, in other words, officially holds a view that is empirically untrue, intuitively absurd, contrary to any serious scientific judgment and an insult to the opinion of a hefty majority of Americans. Why are we not demanding it change and change now?