Sex-Selective Abortions In America? Ctd

A reader questions the premise of the South Dakota ban:

Is the argument for the ban on sex-selective abortions seriously to prevent “son-biased sex ratios”? Perhaps the authors of this legislation are unaware that American couples show a distinct preference for baby girls. According to MicroSort fertility technology data, 80 percent of American families who use the MicroSort sperm separation method are requesting a girl. And according to Dr. Ronald Ericsson, who licenses the Ericsson method for pre-pregnancy sex selection, in most of the clinics which offer his services, the ratio of requests for girls over boys is as high as two to one.

In addition, nearly 90 percent of American abortions occur before the 12th week of pregnancy, when gender is highly unlikely to be known (77 percent before week 10, when the gender is impossible to know). And despite there being slightly more boys than girls in the domestic system awaiting adoption, American parents choose to adopt American children at a rate of 64 percent girls/36 percent boys.

That last figure is more than a decade old, but research published just last summer (pdf) shows that American adoptive parents continue to prefer girls to boys. Previous Dish on sex-selective abortions here and here.