The Best Of The Dish Today

One: A Story of Love and Equality – OFFICIAL TRAILER from Becca Roth on Vimeo.

The most trafficked post continued to be “Why Aren’t Gay Men On The Pill?”, and many more reader emails are on tap for Monday. The runner-up post was still my defense of Ayaan Hirsi Ali against her hard-left critics at Brandeis (reader dissents here). Other popular posts included reaxes to Sebelius’ exit and Colbert’s exit, a sober look at AIDS in the South, and a super-excited ode to social media. If you share that excitement, comment on our Facebook page or throw your invective at @sullydish.

Today we also updated our reader poll on merch options – check it out and vote. Meanwhile, 26 more readers became subscribers today:

This is my first time writing to you. I read your blog daily, even though I often disagree with you. But you changed my mind this week. I had read all of your arguments about the Mozilla-Eich affair and still respectfully disagreed. But then I saw your Colbert appearance. The cheerful demeanor you presented your arguments reminded me that this is an issue of kindness and respect for other humans – humans who have faults and make mistakes just like me.

Sometimes when I read your posts, I imagine you screaming them in frustration (this probably started after I read your Obama-Romney debate live-blog). Seeing you speak in person made all the difference. Thanks for changing my mind. That is why I love The Dish.

Another new subscriber:

The socks kinda made my day – so sweet, sad, self-mocking and fucking hilarious!

I have been a reader since the 2008 election, addicted through the Iranian elections (I sent a Hafiz poem that was posted).  The Dish was my main connection to news back home when I quit my NYC job in 2011 to travel through Nepal and India, followed by a return to my childhood home in Ohio (from which I sent a view from the bedroom window that was also posted). Last May, I found a job, moved back to Brooklyn, lots of travel to London for work, overall decline in desire to engage/read political debate, financially challenged, but still regularly scanning the Dish but not subscribing … until the socks.

Another like-minded subscriber:

It worked. I watched the Colbert video and re-upped for $50. Now please buy socks.

Heh. Cheers. And see you in the morning. Don’t let this baboon face haunt your dreams.