Fox News Leads The Way On “Torture”

Even as the evidence mounts that torture was indeed routine in the Bush-Cheney era, the media is still shy about the word:

The Washington Post referred to “brutal,” “harsh” and “excruciating” techniques. A New York Times article mentioned “brutal methods.” Reuters wrote about “brutal interrogation methods that critics say amount to torture.” The Associated Press actually described the report in one article as a “torture report,” though it later used the term “enhanced interrogation techniques” in quotes … In one discussion of the report, MSNBC’s Mika Brzezinki referred to “interrogation tactics used by the CIA.” “CBS This Morning” used the term “extreme interrogation techniques.” NBC’s David Gregory asked Obama administration adviser Dan Pfeiffer about “past interrogation techniques.”

I can understand the government using euphemisms to deny reality – but why does the liberal media continue to deceive people about what happened in plain English? Fox News actually stands out from the crowd:

Viewers tuning into that channel could hear Shep Smith say that the term “enhanced interrogation techniques” “means torture in English.” They could watch anchor Shannon Bream read news copy that said that the Senate had concluded that the CIA “tortured suspects and gained little evidence.”

I think that says an awful lot about liberals in the media. They are so afraid of right-wing backlash they end up being more mealy-mouthed than Fox. Think on that for a minute: on torture the New York Times is more cravenly deferent to the CIA than Fox News. And weep a little.