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Lori Dorn gives it new life:

In this 2011 video posted by Stegmeier53, a little bird in the street dances in perfect time to the Daft Punk song “Something About Us”.

I saw this bird ,a snipe, on the road and stopped to take a picture. I had music playing in my car and the bird danced across the street to the music.

Update from a reader:

That’s no snipe! It’s a woodcock. I am 100% sure of this. Maybe you shouldn’t print why I’m sure (if you print this at all) but here it is: I’m an upland bird hunter. I’ve spent countless autumn days in alder, aspen, and swamps with my spaniels trying to flush the little buggers out. Some will say hunting woodcock is some of most challenging wing shooting out there. Anyway, that’s a woodcock, not a snipe.

I didn’t get a picture, but I once saw a mom woodcock and four chicks crossing a road once. They all walked just like that. In unison. A sight to behold.