Super-Sizing Movie Monsters, Ctd

Godzilla keeps getting bigger and bigger:


Brian Merchant’s explanation for this growth:

In the 50s, Godzilla was a single atomic bomb—horrific and deadly, capable of leveling a single city. By the 80s, Godzilla was tapping into Cold War unease; he was big enough to represent a bevy of metropolis-destroying bombs. In the globalizing 90s, he was bigger still. In the film debuting this month, Godzilla is truly massive. He is three times the size of that original lumbering vessel of existential dread. Which is to be expected. Godzilla is no longer just a metaphor for the nuclear destruction, but for the largest-scale environmental disaster of our era. The newest trailer begins with scenes of Hurricane Sandy-like flooding, and models its depiction of destruction on global warming disaster footage.

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