New Hope For FGM Victims

Saira Khan introduces the recently developed procedure of clitoral reconstruction, which promises to reverse at least some of the damage done to women who have been subjected to clitoridectomy:

The surgery itself is fairly simple.

As the science community has recently learned, the clitoris is much larger than the small accessible part. An unerect clitoris can be up to 9 centimeters long, meaning that most of the clitoris is actually within the body and inaccessible without surgery. So theoretically, underneath the scar tissue on a woman who has experienced female genital mutilation is more clitoris.

To restore part of the clitoris, the doctor opens up the scar tissue, brings some of the clitoris back up into position, and sews it in place. The recovery process for the surgery is long, painful, and arduous; it can take up to a few months for skin to grow on top of the newly restored clitoris leaving the woman very sensitive for some time. [Dr. Pierre] Foldès says he cannot guarantee orgasms from the restoration but it does have the potential to bring back some sensation.

Still, the surgery has not gained much traction in the U.S. The American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists believes there is not enough research to support the surgery yet.