Today’s Online Journalism Update

Finally, a headline worthy of our age:

Why Is Gawker’s Top Story A Four-Year-Old Post About Vajazzling?

Not to be outdone by this one:

Boy Sentenced To Jail Because Of Large Penis

We also have news that Buzzfeed is now changing its presentation of ads-disguised-as-journalism by labeling them “promoted by” rather than “presented by” and originating with a “brand publisher” rather than a “Buzzfeed partner”. You may ask: what the fuck is a “brand publisher”? But that very bullshit is integral to the whole money-grubbing grift, isn’t it? The destruction of the English language is integral to the entire empire of adlisticles. And, as always with inherently corrupt enterprises like Buzzfeed, the alleged improvement is actually a deeper shade of con:

Gone is the not-yellow background, replaced by a small, actual yellow box with the words “promoted by.” Thing is, when you now look at their homepage, this new box layout makes the ad content blend in even more.

You can go about your day now.