The Best Of The Dish Today

The emails on religious freedom keep pouring in, and I’d like to sleep on them before responding at length again. The arguments are dense and complex and I want some time to think them through some more and not get too defensive in response. So bear with me.

Today, I noted the astonishingly categorical dismissal of a ban on marriage equality by a Bush appointee judge in Kentucky, of all places. We mulled one response to the ACA fights: why not make all contraceptives over-the-counter medications? I argued that, in the context of the culture war, the religious right is actually losing – and not winning – most of its battles. We celebrated rap as poetry. And we said goodbye to pi.

The time-lapse above is of the recent massive pro-democracy protest in Hong Kong. I guess I needed cheering up a bit.

The most popular post of the day was KY Lubricates The Case (apologies for the headline); followed by Perspective, Please.

Many of today’s posts were updated with your emails – read them all here.  You can always leave your unfiltered comments at our Facebook page and @sullydish. 17 more readers became subscribers today. You can join them here – and get access to all the readons and Deep Dish – for a little as $1.99 month. One writes:

So, after 13 months of being unemployed (largely of my own doing … following my heart and all that), I have finally found meaningful employment in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, working on an environmental-public policy issue that I’d bet most of your readers care about.  After a few years in DC and NYC, I’m now living in the middle of the country, but still feel happily (albeit much more tangentially) connected to the freneticism of our nation’s public life – thanks largely to this blog, you and your readership.

Your daily posts on politics and culture and reading your readers’ sane and informed commentary during this rather destabilizing period in our country has helped me keep my political-moral compass. And your “View From Your Window” has kept me feeling happily in love with the beauty of this country – urban, rustic, autumn, summer, whatever.  VFYW was a small and symbolic, but integral part of what led me to Colorado.

So, one of the first decisions I made after getting the call that I’d been hired (after roughly 120 job applications) was doing my fair share to keep this blog going.  I feel bad that I skimped for as long as I have.  But now that I have a steady income, I’m trying to align my paycheck with my values.  So, you get $20.

See you in the morning.