Beard Of The Week


A reader writes:

Good day in the Evergreen State: legal cannabis went on sale in Bellingham (and across the state in approx 24 stores) this morning at 8 am. The line of customers stretches around the block, and we’re nearly matched by the number of reporters, TV crews and photographers covering the celebration – national media, Canadian, Global TV. TODAY is the real Independence Day – freedom from prohibition, superstition, paranoia, propaganda and the failed War on Drugs!

(If you feel inspired to run this photo on your blog, please credit me as “moontrolling.”)

Update from the reader:

Thanks for posting my photo – that’s my buddy Kevin Nelson with the Beard of the Week! Thought I’d update you on the legal sale of weed here today:

although 24 stores were licensed by the State of Washington to open today, only five or so actually opened. There are a number of delays related to getting licensed “product” from the growers and other snags in the system. Our state’s system is cumbersome and there will be plenty of kinks to work out in the following months, including getting enough weed grown to satisfy demand – but still, Washington State is creating a new regulatory and sales system from scratch (unlike Colorado, who allowed medical dispensaries to open to the public).

On the scene in Bellingham, updates from the always-awesome Stranger are here and here. EVERYTHING you want to know about legal pot in WA is here.

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