A Short Film For Saturday: A Little Chaos

Paul Gallagher recommends Rainer Werner Fassbinder’s short film Das kleine Chaos (A Little Chaos), above. He sees the influence of Godard and Bertolt Brecht:

The story concerns three young wannabe criminals, who take their lead from the b&w gangster films of 1940’s and ‘50’s Hollywood. Made in 1966, it’s an assured and highly stylish nine minutes of celluloid that proves Fassbinder’s ability to adapt his influences, better them and make them his own.

Godard’s influence also struck Jordan Hoffman, who found the movie “one of those films you watch in complete rapture because you have no idea what is coming next”:

A group of youngsters (lead by young R.W. replete with John Lennon-style hair) can’t get anywhere in life selling magazine subscriptions, so they turn to a life of crime … only a life of meta-crime. The look and character dynamic is stolen wholesale from Godard, but the dialogue and action is, again, dirty and bordering-on-too-violent. Imagine if the three from Bande a Part not only ran through the Louvre but also stole some paintings. A facinating short.