Andrew Asks Anything: Matthew Vines, Ctd

Below is another sample from my long conversation with Matthew, author of God and the Gay Christian, in which we talk about what he refers to as the “massive moral blind spot” that many fundamentalist Christians have toward their gay brethren:

A reader loved the podcast:

So I finally invested an hour-and-a-half on Vines/Sullivan.  (I’m a gay Catholic theologian, if that matters.)

1. A truly spiritual experience.
2. You did him the honor of treating him as an equal.
3. Feisty little guy.  Contradicted the Big Bad Andrew.  Loved it.vines-book
4. I expected him to be smart, but not quite THAT smart.  Sheesh.
5. You kept trying to get him to admit that taking these ancient texts quite so seriously was nuts.  He didn’t bite.  I’m with you.  Would love to have a longer discussion with him on the larger questions of philosophy of religion.  What do you make of other great texts, the Vegas, the Gita, the Quran, Buddhism?
6. The gay voice indeed.  He has one.  In Kansas.
7. A lot of what was said was not new, including placing Romans 1 at the heart of the discussion.  Can an evangelical accept the view that Paul (divinely inspired) just didn’t know about what would happen in 2000 years and so some of his comments could be culturally biased?  But once you go there… (A point you tried to make with him.)
8. I feel that he will change his views as he gets older (of course), just as he found himself changing his views merely by moving a thousand miles to a new place.

What a wonderful young  man.

Thank you so much for doing this interview and doing it at such length.  Not to get mawkish, but I admire you enormously, and have for years, especially on the topic of torture.  It’s a truly profound issue, dish-podcast-beagle-transparentbecause to refuse to destroy the image of God in another human, no matter how vile he might be, or how apparently necessary it seems, is to posit an act of faith, a point Bill Cavanaugh makes in his book on torture and the eucharist.

And so to bed.

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