Poseur Alert

“At the start of every dance, my heart would lift again, noting some marvelous feature of Bolshoi style. The communicative generosity of manner! The thick-cream legato flow and keen dynamic sense! The juicy red-meat richness of texture! The unaffectedly erect posture of the torsos and their gorgeous pliancy! The easy amplitude of line! The powerful sweep through space! Yet nothing availed. Each dance soon grew monotonous,” – Alastair Macaulay, NYT.


Update from a reader:

There are plenty of pretentious twits out there to go after but your condemnation of Macaulay’s Bolshoi review is unfair.  This is a DANCE review and Macaulay was using ballet aesthetic terminology to describe the performance, which to non-dance fans sounds ridiculous.  You might say the same about a medical journal written for fellow doctors.  Are they poseurs?