The Worrying Vacuity Of Hillary Clinton, Ctd

Outside the fever swamps, Ben Smith detects relatively little interest in Clinton’s candidacy:

All this data suggests that Clinton still hasn’t unlocked the only thing that could really turn a campaign into a movement, and make her a figure of the future and not just the past: authentic excitement among American women at her historic candidacy. There have been blips of real, viral enthusiasm — Texts From Hillary is the best I know. And this too could surely come. Indeed, I expect it to come. But for all the ersatz hashtags pushed by would-be grassroots support groups, it sure hasn’t happened yet.

But the data also suggests that perhaps Clinton shouldn’t rely on inspiration for her candidacy. There is, after all, another way to win. Perhaps she can’t run a campaign modeled on the Obama 2008 movement. The alternative is Obama 2012 — a boring, grinding affair that sold a nascent economic recovery, scorched the Republican, and plodded to the White House.

It’s what happens when you’re running on a thin resumé and soundbites designed to offend no one.