Typos Gone Tawdry

Autocorrect’s tendencies remain filthy as ever:

There is, of course, some legacy prudishness to autocorrect—the tendency, for example, of hell to become he’ll—but for the most part the global menagerie has, in its dish_dyac unflagging vulgarity, produced a linguistic corpus that skews blue. Where [patent inventor Dean] Hachamovitch did away with the scutwork, the new autocorrect introduces the slutwork and the smutwork. When one reads such hilarious-error collections as Damn You Autocorrect, one can’t help but feel skeptical. Some entries beggar the imagination; it’s hard to believe that Volvos could become vulvas as often as they seem to. But even if we assume a significant rate of fraud, we are forced to conclude—given that autocorrect draws from group behavior—that the unpublished typing of our society is more unpublishable than we ever imagined.

(Image via Damn You Autocorrect)