Best Cover Song Ever?

No surprise about this hugely popular choice in the in-tray:

I nominate Jeff Buckley’s “Hallelujah”:

The Leonard Cohen version was beautiful, no doubt, but Buckley’s version made it gorgeous!

How another reader puts it:

It’s a revelatory interpretation that takes a poetic, if unremarkably performed, slow dirge and turns it into a soul-incinerating prayer. It’s an amazing example of a good song finding its most powerful expression in the hands of another artist.

Another notes, “I don’t even think ‘Watchtower’ has a whole book written about it.” Another piles on the praise:

To date, Cohen’s song has been covered over some 2,000 times according to  It has been covered professionally by the likes of everyone from Willie Nelson, K.D. Lang, Bono, and Justin Timberlake just to name a few. Buckley voice brings harmony and soars to the hauntingly beautiful words of Cohen.  No matter whatever mood I am in, this is one song that’s on all my playlists. It is truly the best cover ever.

But the contest isn’t over yet.