New Dish Shirts: A Big Response From Readers, Ctd

[Update: Premium tri-blend t-shirts no longer available. 100% cotton versions here.]

Our first big screen-printing is underway and more orders for t-shirts and polos keep pouring in. If you haven’t decided on your shirt yet, full details on designs and sizing are here. Or just go here to purchase now. A hesitant customer:

I am pretty much the last person to buy a “band t-shirt” at this point, but I may actually buy one of the polos (prolly navy) with the customary alligator replaced by the dog. It’s super subtle and pretty adorable.  Most people will just think it’s a cool shirt, but those in the know will get it.

That reader soon followed up: “Caved, bought one.” Another reader:

So glad there are T-shirts and polos – thanks. It will be fun for me and other Pacific Northwest fans to recognize one another – kind of like a secret handshake. But when I go to BustedTees, they offer me 30% off my order for giving up personal information, and then I learn that I cannot apply the discount code to my Dish product because of a “stipulation of our agreement” with The Dish (a quote from the online chat in which I tried to figure this out). Grrrrr.

The Dish’s privacy policy is different than BustedTees’, and they offer a different kind of shirt than we do, so their coupon agreement isn’t compatible with our shirts. But after buying your Dish shirt, definitely look around the rest of the BustedTees’ site to check out their own shirts and offers. Some Dish faves:


Update from a reader: “Surprised you didn’t give a shout-out this one, on account of the beard! Another:

The shirts do look beautiful, congratulations and hope you sell a lot because I am a big fan of your blog. I will unfortunately be abstaining because I am allergic to polyester and can only buy all natural fibers – cotton, all linen or rayon mix, etc. Can’t please everyone I guess, but you made them in America! How great!

Many readers have inquired about a 100% cotton option, so we are discussing with BustedTees a way to have that option within the next month or so. We certainly don’t want to exclude readers because of allergies. Another reader:

I just bought two T-shirts. But the checkout had no security icon. Is that site secure?

Very secure. We confirmed with Jerzy, our point-man at BT: “Our certificate is updated and we’re totally clean in terms of security.” And this verification is displayed throughout the site:

Screen Shot 2014-07-30 at 10.32.22 PM


I’m a loyal Dish subscriber and I love the shirts and will be ordering a couple for myself. If youth sizes were available you might see my kids in them as well.

We’re on it. But for you moms and dads, you can buy your shirt today. Thanks for all the feedback and keep it coming. And send us a pic of your shirt when it arrives. Though maybe not from this reader:

I just read that you’ll be at Burning Man! Brilliant! Our camp, Listen (dedicated to the proposition that really being listened to is so close to being loved that most people can’t tell the difference) is at 7:15 and Ephesus. I’ll be the one in the Dish t-shirt. Given the venue, it may be the only thing I’ll be wearing.

Update from another Burner:

I just ordered a t-shirt (the one with the howling beagle of course). And I will be wearing it at Burning Man. I read that another one of your readers is also wearing a Dish shirt at BM. I will be at a camp at 7:15 and Gold and most probably will be wearing just the Dish t-shirt and sensible footwear.

Perhaps we need to set up a Dishhead camp next year.