The GOP vs Pope Francis

Here’s something I didn’t know: a banal Congressional resolution to congratulate Pope Francis on his elevation to the papacy and praise for his “inspirational statements and actions” cannot muster enough bipartisan support to be passed. The reason?

An unnamed Republican backer of the legislation told The Hill newspaper last week that the pope is “sounding like [President Barack] Obama” because he “talks about equality” and he has blasted “trickle-down economics,” a favorite theory of many conservatives and “politically charged,” as the GOP official said. Even though the bill has New York Rep. Peter King, a reliably conservative Republican, as a chief co-sponsor (along with Democrat John Larson of Connecticut, also a Catholic), it has failed to catch on with the GOP. The resolution has 223 co-sponsors altogether, but just 20 are Republicans.

I’ll say this for the Congressional Republicans. They know who they are, and who they oppose.