by Dish Staff

Please give a warm welcome to our first two guest-bloggers for the month while Andrew is away (read his departing message here if you missed it). Various Dish staffers will chime in occasionally but the lion’s share of original content will be provided by our featured writers, who will change weekly. Please continue to send all your comments and dissent to the main Dish inbox at Here’s a brief intro from Phoebe Maltz Bovy:

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Hi, Dish readers! I’m Phoebe, Dish intern and, this week, guest-blogger. I blog at What Would Phoebe Do and have written some other places as well. I have a Ph.D. in French and French Studies from New York University, and will womansplain to all who’ll listen about pre-Portnoy Jewish intermarriage, the Dreyfus Affair, and anything else relating to nineteenth-century French Jews. My free time is spent walking a squirrel-obsessed miniature poodle, cooking elaborate Japanese meals (or trying), and watching 1990s British sitcoms.

And here is Elizabeth Nolan Brown’s intro:


Hi, Dish readers! I’m Elizabeth. I’ll be guest-blogging here this week alongside Phoebe (whose gratuitous poodle pic has inspired the kitten photo). We blogged together once before, way back in 2008, at a short-lived “conservative feminists” blog. It was the first time I’d ever been called a conservative, but they let me in by virtue of my libertarianism. (I don’t presume to label Phoebe ideologically, but we were both on the more socially-liberal side of things there.) Flash forward to 2014, and I still embrace the “libertarian” and “feminist” labels. I offer this by way of shorthand for what you can expect from me this week.

I’m now a staff editor at Reason, where I write about things like civil liberties, reproductive rights, sex work, criminal justice reform, millennial politics, and food and drug policy. I came there from, most recently, a stint on the women’s blog circuit and a brief-ish love affair with health writing. I’m psyched to be blogging here at The Dish this week (thanks, Andrew and gang, for having me!) and hope you won’t mind it too much either. And do follow me on Twitter @enbrown if you’re so inclined. Cheers!