Dish Shirts: 100% Cotton Tees Are Here!

by Chris Bodenner


We are sold out of the screen-printed tri-blend t-shirts we launched last month, but Dish polos are still available – in navy blue and white. When we released our premium tri-blends, a reader wrote:

Shirts do look beautiful, congratulations and hope you sell a lot because I am a big fan of your blog.  I will unfortunately be abstaining because I am allergic to polyester and can only buy all natural fibers – cotton, all linen or rayon mix, etc.

Another had a similar concern:

Please consider finding a really soft 100% cotton shirt (for purists as well as those of us with sensory issues).

We took those considerations to heart and are now offering a 100% cotton version of both t-shirt designs – the Howler (seen above) and the Logo, seen below next to the navy Polo:


Both the Logo and Howler versions of our 100% cotton t-shirts come in nine different colors: White, Navy Blue, Light Blue, Royal Blue, Red, Kelly Green, Asphalt, Teal, and Brown. So go here if you’d like to purchase a Howler shirt in one of those colors or go here for a Logo version. And both designs still come in men’s sizes and women’s sizes – no unisex.

Another big thanks to Jerzy Shustin and everyone else at BustedTees for hosting our shirts. As always, we welcome your feedback in the inbox: