A Zoolander Award? Ctd

by Phoebe Maltz Bovy

I guess my beat here is known, because everyone is passing along the following:

Where European anti-Semitism meets offensive fashion, indeed. As Elena Cresci’s piece (like so many of the many, many others discussing this) mentions, this is only Zara’s latest oops-my-bad:

It seems there were also some keffiyeh-print shorts…

…but I’m not sure whether those are a problem because a) they seem to some to be too supportive of the Palestinian cause, or b) it’s cultural appropriation to turn a keffiyeh into haute jogging shorts. As in, basically everyone can be offended by those shorts. Well done, Zara! With one pair of probably not all that flattering shorts, you’ve created the common enemy that will bring peace to the Middle East once and for all!

But back to their latest blooper. Is the “sheriff” tee the ultimate in Zoolander? That it had been available in Israel definitely adds to the cluelessness. Seems the shirt itself was relatively affordable – I mean, it’s a kid’s shirt from Zara – so there isn’t that added Zoolander level of something being in poor taste as well as comically expensive. But something resembling a concentration-camp uniform for a child scores fairly high on the tone-deafness scale, I should think. I’d say it’s a serious contender.