Mixing With The Classics

by Chas Danner

A reader responds to Wednesday’s Mental Health Break:

Mozart Rap is nothing new – see the above version by Turkey’s rap superstar, Ceza. The text is not quite as wholesome as the one you showed, but it is a trenchant comment on the ills of Turkish society and politics today. Mozart’s Turkish March is something like the secret anthem of Turkey (at least for the secular Westernized part of society), and has been taken up several times by Turkish musicians. My favorite is this one, showing how music is a truly global art in a unique way:

Another reader senses an opportunity:

I feel compelled to turn this into a “dudes rapping to classical music” thread, because yes please. That clip reminded me of one of my favorite rap songs, Jedi Mind Tricks’ “Animal Rap”:

Although not Mozart (sounds like it though), the actual sample is a bit more obscure: Dave Grusin’s 43 second “Coma” from the Bonfire of the Vanities soundtrack.

As far as featuring more examples from the genre, challenge accepted. Here’s the almighty KRS-One:

Know some good classical-driven raps or remixes? Send them in: dish@andrewsullivan.com