Sheep Solves Drone Debate

by Alex Pareene

screen-shot-2014-09-02-at-10-37-54-am-e1409669204890Hello, Dish readers. Andrew is recovering from his time on The Playa (I’m told he and Grover Norquist are in adjacent hyperbaric chambers in an unmarked warehouse somewhere in Reston – hopefully one of them will find time to submit a “view from your chamber” photo before the week’s end). I’m Alex Pareene, formerly of Salon and Gawker, currently part of First Look Media, Pierre Omidyar’s well-funded effort to destabilize eastern European states and keep Glenn Greenwald occupied with something other than collecting dogs and arguing with eggs on Twitter.

It has been some time since I’ve blogged, in the traditional sense, so forgive me if I seem a bit rusty. (If I recall correctly, this is when I ask readers to “hit up my tip jar” and/or buy me things on Amazon, right?) Because it is that terrible first day back at work for most of us, I say we ease back into things. We’ll get to police militarization, the sudden media ubiquity of for-some-reason-not-disgraced Bush-era warmongers, and the unsurprising amorality of Andrew Cuomo later. For now, something easier to process: Drones.

Some members of the so-called liberal media say they love drones. Here’s a video (via Motherboard) they hope you don’t watch:

Where do you fall on the drone debate? Make sure to tune in to CNN’s THE LEAD WITH JAKE TAPPER, where today Jake will host a lively debate between Martha Stewart and an angry ram that will settle the issue once and for all.

(Image: A drone critic)