Face Of The Day


Traer Scott photographs nocturnal animals like the giant fruit bat above:

Nocturnal animals come in all shapes and sizes and constitute a wide variety of species, from reptiles to mammals to insects. “That’s what really kept me fascinated with this project,” [Scott] said. “I was really struck by the diversity, from bugs to giant cats and everything in between. I do see [my book Nocturne] as a family album of sorts. They’re not technically family but they all share this trait.”

Many of the animals in the book, it turns out, were actually photographed during the day in order to better accommodate the schedules of their human handlers at zoos, shelters, and educational centers around the Northeast. “Sometimes, it was better to photograph them during the day because they were a little more calm,” Scott said in an interview. “That way, they didn’t get freaked out by me or the camera. The big cats were asleep all day, so there was a lot of waiting for some of them to wake up. I couldn’t exactly go in and poke them and say, ‘Hey, wake up!’ ”

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