The Campaign For Legal Cannabis Wins Another Convert

Some things are worth quitting your job for:

I have to say I’m sensing a groundswell around this issue – of a kind I once saw with marriage equality. Once an issue hits around 50 percent, the consensus doesn’t stand pat; it tends to evolve more swiftly to a definitive resolution of the question at hand. Even MoDo is hanging out with Willie Nelson, who makes a simple case for his own use of cannabis over alcohol:

“Everybody’s got to kill their own snakes, as they say. I found out that pot is the best thing for me because I needed something to slow me down a little bit.” He was such a mean drunk, he said, that if he’d kept drinking heavily, “there’s no telling how many people I would have killed by now.”

Know dope.

Update from a reader with “another Willie Nelson reefer story”:

A couple of years ago he gets busted on his tour bus (can’t remember where) for possession of a small amount of marijuana. At the same time the news is full of stories about spinach being recalled across the country because of E.coli. A lot of people are hospitalized, some serious. The cameras are waiting for Willie as he leaves the cop shop. All he says (with a wonderful cockeyed grin) is: “Well, at least they didn’t catch me with any spinach.”