The Case For Doing Nothing

It’s not often that I recommend watching an hour and a half of testimony from the British House of Commons Defense Committee. But I clicked on this link yesterday and gave up last evening to this debate about what to do about ISIS in Syria and Iraq. It’s simply a brilliantly calm and reasonable account of where we are over there, and why doing nothing and leaving the Middle East to its own devices is easily the sanest option available to the US and the UK.

These thoughts simply will not be aired in any Congressional Committee. But they are a blast of sanity and realism in an era of panic and atavism. They are a stark reminder of how vital it is that we have a president who at least understands the danger of intervention, even if he has caved to a very limited version of it. And also critical to understanding why the forces for intervention in the Clinton camp and most of the GOP – excluding Rand Paul, peace be upon him – are so terribly destructive for the United States and for the region as a whole.