A Very Small Penis Club, Ctd

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A reader writes:

One of my best friends in the Marine Corps was pretty open about his challenge. Once, during a group outing in town wearing on-base only uniforms, he pulled into the cleaners to pick up our dress uniforms for parade the next day. The only parking that wouldn’t expose us to a long walk along a busy road, and the penalties for being out of uniform, was the handicapped parking sign dead in front of the door. So, swinging the car into it, he parked exclaiming, “I’ve got a 3-inch dick … tell me that’s not a handicap!”

A gay reader attests:

A small penis can be lots of fun.

It fits in my mouth easier. Big ones can be a lot of work, after all. And big ones don’t fit well in some places. I’m sure I could accommodate a huge one if I planned on it, but not this evening. (I’d have to drag out the toys.) Some of my favorite things to do don’t involve inserting it an orifice. Or even a hand. I don’t have the patience to list them all.

I don’t have sex with a dick; I have sex with a man. He may have a extra big one or an extra small. We can find all sorts of things to do together that we can’t do when we are alone. (See your post “What Exactly Is An Unusual Sexual Fantasy?”)

Here’s a point that Dan Savage often makes in his column:

You also need to stop viewing your dick as somehow fatal to your romantic prospects. “Dr. [Justine] Schober did a study of guys who had really small penises,” [Northwestern’s Alice] Dreger continues, “small enough to be described as ‘micropenises.'” And how do men with dicks so small that doctors feel free to toss around an ego-shattering prefix like “micro” do with the ladies? “This study found that they tend to have ‘close and long-lasting relationships’ with women,” Dreger says. And Dr. Schober says: “They often attribute partner sexual satisfaction… to their need to make extra effort, including nonpenetrating techniques.” One of the microdicked men in Dr. Schober’s study had a wife and a mistress. “So much for the theory that having a small member won’t get you a woman,” says Dreger.