The Best Of The Dish Today

Happy reunited 25th, Berlin:

A reader comments on our WAM/Twitter coverage:

I should clarify that I have disagreed with you many, many times before, but I have still enjoyed your writing and thinking on whatever issue. However, on this topic, I’ve found your approach very disheartening. Especially as you have frequently acknowledged your “outsider” status in this topic (video game culture, Twitter discourse between men and women, women in formerly “male” spaces, the objectification of women, etc.), I’ve found it disappointing that you wouldn’t attempt at least some more empathy and observation before jumping into the middle of the fray. I think this is a very important cultural discussion happening right now, and I feel you’re not treating it with the nuance and respect it deserves. I appreciate the reply, and thank you for all of your great writing and advocacy for many great causes over the years.

I never expect readers to agree or even sympathize with what I have to say, which is why almost everyone who comes up to me on the street begins any words of praise with “I don’t agree with everything you have to say, but …” It’s also why the Dish has been publishing lots of reader input and other voices challenging me – edited and curated by my colleagues. For example, there’s the long tough dissent posted today. Another from a woman on my gamergate blogging can be found here. Many more smart readers here, herehere. Our airing of other bloggers’ views different from mine can be found hereherehere and here. Much of it is extremely nuanced, and it’s the overall mix you should judge the Dish on – not my peculiar emphases or blind spots.

Still, I’m not budging from my basic position: first against harassment, threats, and stalking, but secondly also against the attempt to police the discourse in the name of social justice. Sticks and stones and all that …

Some light relief: I’m loving the thread on literary hangovers; and this parody of the Hollaback video is a hoot. Two heavy hitters: my dissent against a war we cannot win in a place we need to leave; and the growing threat of an increasingly reckless Putin.

The two most popular posts of the day were both about Twitter’s recourse to a “gender justice” group to nominate tweeters for suspension.

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