What Is Native Advertising?

Copyranter, the ad critic too quirky for Buzzfeed, puts it simply enough:


And adds:

Anybody tells you different, politely get up and excuse yourself from the room, walk briskly to the elevator, and then sprint out of their building (unless the person is your boss, then just sit there and nod your head like one of those toy dogs in the back of a car).

One other explanation:

Josh Marshall makes the point that he didn’t set out to specifically execute a content marketing strategy. That push came after looking at the marketplace. It’s about something all good journalists know, what he calls “high information,” even if the ad information is plainly commercial: “Content marketing is something we fit into this concept. Content marketing is part of high information messaging, and high information ad creation.”

If you have any idea what he’s talking about, you’re, well, far more worldly and better informed than I. But it’s winning:

Native Ads