The Dish Mug Is Here! Ctd


A reminder from our announcement post:

This navy-colored coffee mug is very high quality, holds a generous 15oz, and, during our caffeine-addled test phase, it proved very durable. So the sturdy mug should last a long time in any Dishhead’s kitchen or office (and yes, it’s microwave and dishwasher safe – we tested that too). As a serious coffee-addict, I love it.

The Dish mug can be yours for $15 plus shipping and handling. Just click here [sold out] and follow the simple prompts to order yours today. We only have a limited number of mugs for sale, so get yours before someone else does.

From a reader who snatched one up:

I’m a big Dish fan and just ordered one of the mugs. But a question: any reason why the shipping cost is so steep?  It added another 2/3 of the cost to the total, which seemed pretty excessive.  $26 for the mug – as great as it is – seems a bit crazy.  Just typing that makes me question my order a bit.

It was a deal-breaker for another reader:

I filled out the order form and then got to the checkout phase and saw that the shipping cost is $10.53! To Vermont? Are you kidding? Fuggedaboudit. No mug for me.

photo-13We really wish we could offer lower shipping and handling costs. But the Dish isn’t Amazon or Zappos, and we aren’t selling mugs in the kind of bulk that allows for greatly reduced shipping rates. The Dish mug and packaging together weigh two pounds, so that’s a big factor. And of course all coffee mugs are fairly fragile in transit, so going with the cheapest, flimsiest packaging wasn’t an option. If you were to walk into a UPS store and try to ship these mugs the exact same way, it would actually cost more than we’re charging.

Our partners at American Solutions for Business get a discounted rate from UPS and have passed those savings along. A special shout-out to Phil Grosse for guiding us through the whole process and doing his best to get us the best deal possible. He’s a long-time Dishhead who emailed us last February when we were floating the idea of merchandise, which has been a learning experience for all of us.

We hope the mugs themselves – which really are high quality and built to last – will make them worth your hard-earned money. And don’t forget to email us a photo when it arrives; you might see it appear on the blog. Update from a reader:

I had trouble with the website, so I emailed American Solutions.  Got a response almost immediately … tried again; still glitchy.  So I called Phil (he sent the email with the phone number).  After a wonderful conversation – he lived on my street in Redwood City back in the ’70s! – he filled out the order for me and sent me the confirmation. I’m so looking forward to my mug, and I just wanted you to know how helpful Phil was.

(Photo of the Dish mug endorsed by world-class performers Dina Martina and Janis Ian)