Face Of The Day


From photographer Brittany M. Powell’s ongoing series The Debt Project:

Debt Portrait #7, Oakland, CA 2013

James Riggs Davidson III (J.R.), Electrical contractor, $52,335.63 in debt. I bought a truck and moved to California where work was scarce. Then decided to go back to school to finish a degree. After graduation, I decided to start my own business and take on more loans needed for equipment and slow times. Within the second year of business, I had to buy new truck due to an accident. By the third year of business, I was making triple payments on most loans so as to pay off quickly… then the economy tanked and my triple payments were barely a single payment due to most lenders ramping their interest rates to cover “losses.”

Powell says of her experience shooting the subjects:

A lot has surprised me, but most of all I think it was how many people really do blame themselves before blaming the system. I was also surprised by how many people are attached to the idea of owning a house. When I interviewed a financial services rep, he told me he saw mortgages as liabilities, and that home ownership in our country is a scam, because banks are the ones who really own the property when a mortgage is involved. I interviewed an anarchist who told me the reason he didn’t want to file bankruptcy was because he feared it affecting his ability to buy a house one day. This added a new layer of curiosity and perspective for me when considering what the modern day American dream is and how we are expected to achieve it in today’s financial system.

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