New Dish New Media Update

The monthly report card is due. Revenue remained pretty solid last month at $30.5k:

Screen Shot 2014-12-01 at 1.30.12 PM

The monthly pattern for revenue seems to echo 2013, with a decline in the summer months and an upsurge in the fall, leading to $26.5k in November 2013:

Screen Shot 2014-12-01 at 1.36.21 PM

So we’re up a bit year-on-year. The comparison, as of yesterday, is $814k for the first eleven months of 2013, versus $934k for the first eleven months of 2014, a 15 percent year-on-year increase. Traffic is also relatively steady: at 714,000 unique readers this month, for 5.2 million pageviews, about average for the last six months, but lower than when we had just initiated the pay-meter.

The number of subscribers edged up a bit this month to 30,264 but remains in the 30,000 range we reached at the end of the summer. All in all, a very gradual growth on a very solid base. We’d like to be growing more, and we’ve been brainstorming how and what that would entail – probably an upgrade from our current very amateur but viable business model. But I’m cognizant of what David Carr told Lucia Moses today:

This was a big year for new media startups. How sustainable are they?

What would happen if you took away all the exits and people had to make a living off existing CPMs?  It would be pretty bloody.

We’re currently making a living off no CPMs. Know hope.