The Best Of The Dish Today

Scroll down for some reaction to the decision by a Staten Island Grand Jury not to indict – even for a lower charge of manslaughter – a cop who killed a man for selling loosie cigarettes.

In other news, Republicans now want mass deportation for undocumented immigrants over a path to citizenship – by a 2 – 1 margin. Hillary Clinton’s odds of becoming president remain low. Jeb Bush’s? Much worse than Clinton’s. The British government actually banned spanking in video porn (how will public school boys ever get off?). The CDC continued its aggressive campaign against penises; and Ezra Klein’s Vox announced that, for all the claims about new journalism, it’s actually an advertising agency for big corporations.

The most popular post of the day was Ebola, ISIS, Putin: Meep Meep Watch; followed by Ezra Sells Out. But who in journalism at this point hasn’t?

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