Mental Health Break

A reader is spent:

I hope you have one hell of a good MHB planned for today. As much as we all had a good idea of what we thought was going on at these prisons, the details of the Senate torture report are almost too disturbing to continue looking at. Reading your posts today is mentally exhausting and I’m actually getting nauseated as more details come out. Trying to sympathize with the captives, or even the interrogators, is impossible. I am numb at this point … and angry.

Another also needs a break:

If ever there was a time we needed cats vs printers, or really anything at all, it’s now. Even Shakespeare has moments of humor in the darkest tragedies. Please?

We could all use a breather. Update from another reader:

I, too, was getting sick of reading today. Here in Idaho, elk seek out springs and seeps to cool off in summer/fall. We call them elk wallows. You know when you’re anywhere near one because they smell good, at least to me.

I think I’ll go for a walk in the woods.