Silence, Audible, Ctd

Chris Christie opposed torture in 2002:

But, thus far, he has declined to weigh in on the Senate report:

Asked for his reaction by The New York Times, Mr. Christie said, “All I’ve seen, unfortunately, at this point, is some of the reporting from your newspaper, so I don’t think it would be responsible to comment based only on that.” He said of the report: “I’ll take some time to look at it. I don’t know about all of it. But I’ll take some time to get briefed on it for sure.”

Noah Rothman wants him to get off the sidelines:

If Christie believed that the Senate Intelligence Committee’s investigation was not as thorough as it needed to be in order to come to the politically fraught conclusions it reached, it would have been advantageous for him to say as much. Considering the number of sources making this same contention, Christie would not have been in bad company. If, however, Christie is predisposed to agree with the findings of the SSCI’s report, he should have made the time to be briefed on its conclusions within the first 24 hours of its release.

It’s still possible. The Clintons, meanwhile, say nothing in one of the most significant moments in America’s moral and constitutional history. Neither does Jeb Bush. Why am I not surprised? Update from a reader:

What has Pope Francis to say, I wonder?