Emails Of The Day

A handful of your photos especially warmed our hearts this Christmas:

unnamed (26)

Hey Andrew and company! On a recent family vacation to Las Vegas, I brought along my Dish t-shirt. My mother, desperate for post-empty nest family photos, snapped pictures at every conceivable opportunity in the hopes of getting something for our family Christmas card. Lo and behold, the photo that made the cut featured yours truly donning the now-iconic howling beagle. Now dozens upon dozens of my parents’ friends will get some not-so-subtle Dish advertising beamed into their mailboxes this December; I hope I can help drive up the subscription numbers (I bought my dad a gift membership for starters)!

Another subscriber:

IMG_0684My soon-to-be-husband correctly picked up on my not-too-subtle hints, and gave me my very own Dish mug for an early Christmas present!  I am a thoroughly delighted Dish head, and enjoyed the inaugural cup o’ joe just this morning.

I’ve given Dish subscriptions as holiday gifts – selectively, to certain friends and family members – for several years now, often explaining that I certainly don’t agree with every opinion or perspective contained at the Dish, but that I always find it lively, engaging, and thought-provoking.

So I raise a cup of kindness and gratitude to you, Andrew and Team Dish. Here’s wishing you all health, happiness, and stamina for the year ahead.

P.S. Yes, that’s a fabulous, glittery rainbow flag ornament in the background on the tree!

And another:

I’m sure you’ll be inundated with these on the 25th, but as a Hispanic celebrating Noche Buena, I have a one-day headstart to boast about my amazing wife’s gift-giving abilities. She knew just how to make this Dish-head happy this year, with a double whammy:

unnamed (27)

I love her. And I love you guys. Merry Christmas, and here’s to a very happy, Dish-filled New Year.

And speaking of 2015:

Has The Dish ever thought of doing some kind of gathering of Dishheads? It would be awesome to be able to chat with the whole team as well as with each other. Not sure exactly what the format would be, but it might a great way to further the Dish community, as well as provide some in-person recognition for you guys. Mainly, I suggest it for selfish reasons: I don’t know any other Dishheads, but would like to!

Events are very much on our agenda for the new year, so stay tuned. And thanks again for your support in 2014. We’ll have a year-end update soon.