We Imagine “Blacks” As Poorer Than “African Americans”

Joe Pinsker flags a study (pdf) finding “that ‘Black’ people are viewed more negatively than ‘African Americans’ because of a perceived difference in socioeconomic status.” This means those identifying as black are “thought of as less competent and as having colder personalities”:

In one of the study’s experiments, subjects were given a brief description of a man from Chicago with the last name Williams. To one group, he was identified as “African-American,” and another was told he was “Black.” With little else to go on, they were asked to estimate Mr. Williams’s salary, professional standing, and educational background.

The “African-American” group estimated that he earned about $37,000 a year and had a two-year college degree. The “Black” group, on the other hand, put his salary at about $29,000, and guessed that he had only “some” college experience. Nearly three-quarters of the first group guessed that Mr. Williams worked at a managerial level, while 38.5 percent of the second group thought so.