Taking A Stand On The Can, Ctd


Your toilet humor continues:

I gotta say my all-time favorite piece of bathroom graffiti is “All in all you’re just another prick in the stall.”

Another reader:

Personal fave: DYSLEXICS UNTIE!


From my college dorm circa 1970: “Free the Jackson five!”

Many more after the jump:

This poem is from my high school lavatory:

Here you sit in silent vapor;
The person before you used all the paper.
The bell has rung, you must not linger.
I feel for you; You must use your finger.


Here’s a personal favorite, in the bathroom at The Chapter House in College Town right outside Cornell: “Don’t drop acid.  Just take it pass/fail.”


This was actually a small sign that we saw in some random pub somewhere in England, quite a while ago: “If you feel like the bottom is falling out of your world, drink Real Ale and you’ll feel like the world is falling out of your bottom.”


From the men’s’ bathroom at the University of Texas Business school, in 1981: “Save the whales … collect the whole set!”


On a condom dispenser in Cambridge, MA about ten years ago: “Insert baby for refund.”


Posted in a latrine at the VFW in in Wisconsin over the urinal: “Bucks with short horns stand close. The next Brave might be barefoot.”

One more for now:

Someone wrote something filthy along the lines of “I’m going to fuck your mother so hard your Dad walks funny”, which itself wasn’t so funny, except someone else came along later and in different pen and wrote underneath “- Tom Hanks”.

I wonder how long they stood there thinking of the best name to put, because I thought about it a while, and I think Tom Hanks really is the funniest name you could put there.

(Photos from the tumblr Notes from the Stall)