Hathos Alert

It would probably be a Poseur Alert if not for the sweet beard:

The poseur part is mostly from his Kickstarter page:

Document ME is a 5 year long journey of a ‘selfie-feature-film.”  This first ever style and new genre of film documents the character study of the ‘modern renaissance man.’  This film is very important to pop culture and the world at large because it exemplifies innovation in style, story and structure.  The first of a new genre of film as both true story docu-reality and fiction that is created in our very characters.  This film is a global revolution looking inward at the outward world.  This is the first of many to follow in the DOC-U genre. …

The film exemplifies how the cell phone, more so the camera phone, has taken over modern civilization.  This film is a social case study into the lens and iris that we all see in and out of.  The deeper we look into the lens the more shallow our own ‘selfies’ become and everyone is prone to wanting to break-free of their own lives.  This is a perverse and poetic journey through life’s looking glass at the many mask we wear and the many faces of ME.

Bonus demo reel here.

(Hat tip: Tom Hale)